Wine Style

Our wines show clearly where they are from: Franconian shell limestone. Rugged soil that forgives no error and which enhances a complex and racy character in the wines.

We've been cultivating our wines based on organic guidelines for over fifteen years now. The vineyards stand in a wonderful balance, the soils alive and fertile, the wines structured and precise.





Our wines are “fränkisch dry” in the very best sense: fully fermented, with no perceptible residual sugar. They are known for being extract-rich with a stony spice. Concentrated wines from old vines, slowly fermented, lovingly raised, and not bottled too early. Wines with an inner calm.


We have fermented our wines spontaneously for as long as we can remember, and raised them in doppelstück barrels from oak from the Spessart mountains. Untouched by trends, we hold to this tradition even today.

Our red wines are spontaneously fermented in open vats and then matured over roughly 18 months in premium casks. Deep color, a high percentage of elegant tannins, and a powerful structure are the hallmarks of those wines.

Because our wines offer all the more joy with a certain level of maturity in the bottle, we encourage our fans to give the bottles extra time to age as well.