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VDP.GROSSE LAGEN sites are terroir that the association has demarcated down to the individual parcel, reflecting their truly distinctive character as cradles of wines that reflect their heritage and offer tremendous aging potential.


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Size: 4 ha
Orientation: South-/ Southeast
sparse, fossil-rich Upper Muschelkalk
Varieties: Silvaner, Riesling, Spätburgunder

The steep Maustal site sits on the hillside over the Main, south of Sulzfeld. Here, the river forms a giant amphitheater. Our parents and grandparents planted the first Silvaner on this prime parcel back in 1963, a treasure trove that we are proud to continue cultivating even today. Rooted deep in fossil limestone, they produce vintage after vintage of intense and incredibly powerful and structured Silvaners with an elegant acidity.

Alongside the Silvaner, we also produce a limited volume of Maustal VDP.Großes Gewächs Riesling and Spätburgunder. These both show significant parallels to the Silvaner, a further expression of the remarkable Maustal terroir. The three wines are often called ethereal, taut, cool, and long.


VDP.ERSTE LAGE sites are reserved for world-class single sites with a distinctive character and optimal growth conditions. Before being awarded this classification, the vineyards must have demonstrated an extended history of top quality.


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Size: 5 ha
Orientation: South-/ Southeast
Soil: Upper Muschelkalk
Varieties: Silvaner, Riesling, Weißer Burgunder

The Sulzfelder Berg is one of our finest steep sites. The Upper Muschelkalk soil fosters notable elegance and finesse in our wines. The Weißburgunder stands in a parcel on the historic stone terraces that was never subject to the Flurbereinigung. The vines from the 1960s produce notably linear, extract-rich wines.

In recent years, we’ve planted two Silvaner vineyards here with the finest selections of older genetic material. Alongside these two varieties, the upper portion of the hill is also planted to Riesling. Old vines planted densely and with tiny yields are a guarantee for spectacular Rieslings from fossil limestone.


Size: 35 ha
Orientation: South
Soil: Upper Muschelkalk with banks of yellow limestone
Varieties: Silvaner, Chardonnay, Frühburgunder

The Sonnenberg is a hillside to the west of town, offering us a spectacular view out over the Main Valley. Veins of yellow limestone, especially in the middle of the slope, enhance our Silvaner‘s remarkable spice and distinctiveness.

Since 2018, we’ve also been producing wines from our oldest Chardonnay vines from the Sonnenberg. They were planted back in 1990, making them among the first Chardonnay vines anywhere in Franken.

Frühburgunder is particularly happy in the Sonnenberg, with its distinctive microclimate formed by an elevation of over 260 meters and constant exposure to the west wind. A fine acidity, intense dark fruits, and silken tannins are hallmarks of this wine year after year.


Back in 2009, we saved the historic “Creutz” site, likely the oldest Sylvaner vineyard in all of Germany. After several years of care and recultivation, we filled the first bottles of this unique wine as part of the 2012 vintage. From the start, we were captivated by the incomparable delicacy and elegance of this wine from “Methuselah vines.”

Our “Unter der Mauer” blend from the finest Riesling and Silvaner grapes from the Maustal combines the strengths of each variety. The body and creaminess of the Silvaner and the fine interplay of fruit and acidity in the Riesling.

Our red rarities, Cabernet Sauvignon and “Grand Noir,” serve as a showcase for our passion for international varieties. The vines are rooted on special terroir in our warmest vineyards and produce confident reds in an international format.

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VDP. ORTSWEIN (Village-Level)

Our dry mid-line portfolio features classic varieties from our Sulzfeld sites. In many cases the fruit is sourced from young vineyards on Erste and Große Lage sites. The wines are known for fruit, intense spice, and significant minerality. They are clear ambassadors of the Upper Muschelkalk soils on which they grow.

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